Street Outlaws Farmtruck & Azn Grudge Night in South Texas!!

Take a look at this, Street Outlaws Farmtruck & Azn Grudge Night in South Texas!!

Two very popular cars with great names are about to face off in South Texas and you guys are lucky enough to have the front seats to this event.

We join the action in Texas just as these guys were going to do a solo run on the popular 1964 Procharged Hammerhead Corvette at the Edinburg Motorsports Park where Farmtruck and Azn have organized this Grudge Night event.

After it was all said and done and the tires were up to the proper temperature after the burnout, this incredible machine pulled a wheelie so massive that the driver had to lift his foot off the gas, to prevent the car from lifting the front end even further in the air, to regain steering.

After this huge display of power and torque, you would think that the driver of the nitrous assisted Monte Carlo named Pirate’s Code, would slow down and stop building up the race pot, but you would be wrong.

This did not deter the driver from betting on his car, as well as the rest of the crew that was here to give support and bet on their team. With the final bet rising up to $1500 there was no doubt that this is going to make the race quite interesting.

While both cars claim to be street cars, they both decided that they will be racing on the track in order to keep things as safe as they can.

Due to the language barriers, some information got lost in translation so some of these guys were expecting a bigger pot for the race, however since that was taken care of, they were ready for the race.

With the Hammerhead Corvette in the left lane and the Pirate’s Code occupying the right, these guys are ready to race, so check out the video and see who gets to go home with a pocket full of cash.

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