Street Outlaws Big Chief Loading Up to Go to America’s List, The Crow is headed for Mexico!!

Take a look at this, Street Outlaws Big Chief Loading Up to Go to America’s List, The Crow is headed for Mexico!!

After writing few weeks back about Big Chief preparing his car, the famous Crow for the this season of America’s list, Crow is sounding awesome!

The engine that is going in the Crow this time is called Rocky 3 and according to Big Chief, this engine is not really happy to go further than 9000 revolutions per minute, unless Big Chief really needs to push it all the way there.

As soon as Big Chief thinks that the engine is ready to fire up, Rocky 3 shows that there is much stubbornness involved in that movie so he refuses to bow down to Chief and makes him go the hard way to get it to run.

You see, once Jackie started filming this and Big Chief had put his gloves on ready to finish putting the engine together, she asked him the same question.

How we got here, expecting Big Chief to tell us the stuff that we have explained earlier.

More about America’s list, According to the producers, the rules in the America’s List were the rules that were adopted from the Memphis crew and they stated that a chase is a race, something that these guys have never trained for.

These are street racers that have been trying for years to react to the smallest movement to let go of the ever so important trans brake button, so seeing movement on their peripheral vision would often trigger their instinct of letting go of the button.

This counterintuitive starting procedure had sent Big Chief chasing after some guys that he should have not chased, costing him a race here and there, making this event a real test on the nerves, not just the skills and the car’s outright acceleration capabilities.

Hoping it’ll be like last year where 405 races it out to see who top 5 are(who gets Chuck spot) then a shake up for America’s list. Interested to see who Chief invites from other places.

Do the bottom 5-10 spots deserve another shot??

So check out the video and let Big Chief himself tell you all about it.


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