Street Outlaws Murder Nova Risks It All In Must-Win Races!!!

Check this, Street Outlaws Murder Nova Risks It All In Must-Win Races!!!

After their terrible ordeal at the Mega Cash Days in Nebraska, the team decided to stay for a while in order to prove to themselves “mostly” that they can find a way to conquer this bad road and get down it in every way they can.

These guys tore up the famous 405 list and are now trying to determine which one of these guys will be able to go down any road in the country in order to prove to themselves and everybody else that the 405 is worth being at the top of America’s List.

During this treacherous endeavor these guys have lost famous race cars like The Street Beast which has shown that they are taking no prisoners, their determination is at the top level and they did not come here to lose.

While Ryan Martin and Big Chief sit comfortably at the top with only one loss each and seven wins, they are trailed closely by Daddy Dave and The Goliath with a 6-2 record, making pretty much sure that the top three positions are filled and the rest of the 405 team has to fight for the other two.

However, Chuck Seitsinger’s score of 5-3 has in a way nearly secured his fourth spot on America’s List which leaves Dominator and Shawn Ellington in a fight for the fifth and last spot that provides a ticket for the next series.

That leaves Shawn Ellington and the Murder Nova in a spot where he has to “do or die” giving him not much room for error mounting the pressure for these next few races where he will be facing the new guy Damon and his good buddy Jeff Lutz.

So check out this video and see how far will Shawn be able to take the Murder Nova.  

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