Busted while Testing for Street Outlaws America’s List Season 2!!!

Check this, Busted while Testing for Street Outlaws America’s List Season 2!!!

After a race that cost Shawn Ellington nearly $10,000 he now has to pull himself by his bootstraps and get in the car and do a few passes in order to make sure that the same thing will not happen again.

The good news is that he is about to do his passes on a track that provides better safety for him and the mega-popular Murder Nova, but the scare of the car and engine staying together is always present.

After a few passes however these guys load up the car and on the way to the event start talking about how the test session went and how happy they are with the car.

You would think that this would be the end of the video right because the testing has been done at the track and they have seen just how fast or not the Murder Nova is, however, we have to remember that these guys are getting ready for a street race called America’s List which is an event that is not going to be held at the track.

With that in mind, these guys do what they had gotten famous for years back and unload the Murder Nova onto the open road in the middle of traffic and send it right then and there.

Do not think for a minute that the rest of his buddies from the 405 are above such a Street Outlaw move, no sir, as you are about to see there are a few cars that we are sure you will recognize alongside the Murder Nova.

And just like the good old days, as soon as Shawn has stepped out of the Murder Nova, after sending it at full tilt in open traffic the police drive by him.

Check out the video and see what happens next with these outlaws.

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