JJ Da Boss Ziptie Takes Tricia On a Crazy Ride On ONE WHEEL!!!

Take a look at this, JJ Da Boss Ziptie Takes Tricia On a Crazy Ride On ONE WHEEL!!!

Let’s head to Crossville, Tennessee, a small town with a little less than ten thousand citizens which has held the recent mega-popular JJ Arm Drop race.

As per usual we have Tricia behind the wheel of The Ziptie, and as per usual with JJ Da Boss, there is no lack of drama on the starting line.

This time Ziptie launches so hard that the whole car pivots on its axes and ends up pulling not just the front wheels of the ground, but the whole car launches in the air leaving only the rear right tire touching the ground.

Whenever you see something like this, the first thing that pops in mind is wheelie bars.

The thing is, with properly setup wheelie bars, all of this drama could have been avoided as well as the damage that might have been caused by the front end slamming into the ground after this spectacular launch.

Here lies the problem, however.

You see, JJ Da Boss has always said that wheelie bars on a small tire car are called sissy sticks and this is why these guys do not run them on these vehicles no matter the danger to the driver or the front suspension of the car in question.

Our opinion is that no matter how cool it looks to have these cars launch with the front wheels in the air, it is much better for the entire vehicle as well as the outcome of the race to have them on and thus prevent such things from happening especially because they might even cost you a race.

In the meantime, JJ has decided against them and all we can do is respect his decision and provide you with the video to see it for yourself, so check out the video and tell us if they should have used the sissy sticks?

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