Vintage Style Drag Racing 1975 cars and Older at US 41 Dragstrip!!!

Check this, Vintage Style Drag Racing 1975 cars and Older at US 41 Dragstrip!!!

We all know that every generation has its own heroes and apparently some live much longer than others.

Today’s video is comprised of those heroes which are sitting on four wheels and have given all they could to the person sitting behind the wheel sending them towards the finish line in a brutal and determined fashion.

These are the cars from generations past who loved racing and managed to keep them in such a good condition that we can still see them hear them and enjoy watching them race.

As comments say, some of these cars are what got people interested in racing since they played with their miniature models and have loved them ever since.

We catch up with them as they line up at the US 41 Dragstrip in Morocco, Indiana, a track that has been resurrected after it was troubled with years of decay during the 1990s. Luckily the new ownership decided to keep the track alive and keep it away from the list of former tracks and these days it is apparently beckoning racers from all over the place.

The similarities of the once-abandoned track with the cars coming from a time long gone are truly poetic and seeing these cars which many thought we will never get to see in action again, at the track which for a while was abandoned by many are truly a great sight to behold.

The massive wheelstands are a great indicator that all of these cars have been treated with much TLC and all of them are kept in more than a pristine condition, some might say that most of them are showroom material with some real power under the hood.

 So check out this video and see the old guys punching above their weight class and telling everybody that they still got it.

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