No prep Mania 5.5 Tommy SENDS IT to the Finals!!!

Check this, No prep Mania 5.5 Tommy SENDS IT to the Finals!!!

Today we are headed to No Prep Mania 5.5, where a couple of racers will try and show the world what they can do.

You see, the first guy is well known for his S10 truck and they call him Billy The Kid, and he has been in this game for a very long time.

The other guy, well believe it or not is his brother, Tommy and he is also here to show everybody that he can drive the Falcon that the family has been preparing for quite a while now.

These two guys have had the help of their father for years now, and after a long time of staying away from the racing world, Tommy decided to get back into it, and the best way to do it he figured is to utilize the team which has been very successful so far.

His dad and his brother.

Today’s video is a tribute to Tommy and his racing capabilities first, and then Billy and his tuning capabilities.

In the first round after Tommy managed to trash the competition and show these guys that he came to for the big bucks and with Billy by his side, things are starting to look up.

After the first round, his tuner, and brother decided that the surface can take some more, and with all that rubber that was laid down on the road after everybody had their pass, he was sure that he can make that turbine squeeze a bit more air into the cylinders for a bigger bang.

The second round, unfortunately, is where Billy’s progress stops, and now all of his efforts will be towards getting the Falcon and his brother to the finals and hopefully win the race and grab the cash, so check out the video and see what happens next.

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