Big Chief and Jackie Buy Kye Kelley’s Engine !!!

Wow, take a look at this, Big Chief and Jackie Buy Kye Kelley’s Engine !!!

It has been a while since we brought you a video by Sim and as always he is eager to bring us the information that he possesses about street racing and what is the biggest news this week from that part of the racing scene.

Apparently, just like many times before, Sim has a few topics that he wants to talk about and the first one that he gladly jumps in is the new topic which he covers and it includes Azn and Farmtruck.

As we have informed you earlier, this duo has finally gotten their own show on The Discovery Channel and they will do their best to bring us their crazy ideas and project builds that will meet the street and the track in one of their shows.

Surprisingly, as Sim informs us the duo has already finished 7 of their projects and there is only one to go before they can finish them all, which is some great news and it promises some interesting episodes.

In addition to this, Sim has many other topics that he wants to bring us news about, like the famous Murder Nova and is it getting a brand new motor, or what kind of work is Shawn Ellington performing on it.

On the subject of motors, there is, of course, the big question which hangs in the title, did Big Chief and Jackie purchase Kye Kelley’s motor and why, what would be the best-suited application for this power plant.

Interestingly enough, Jackie posted a comment about this saying that they did purchase the engine ready to run, however as for the application of this motor, she says that it may, or it may not be already dropped in the Caddy Jack.

So as always check out Sim’s video and find out all the info that he has gathered for us this week.   

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