Street Outlaws Stars Farmtruck and AZN – WE GOT OUR OWN SHOW!

Check this, Street Outlaws Stars Farmtruck and AZN – WE GOT OUR OWN SHOW!

After a number of spinoffs, it is time to give two very popular guys a show that we think they have deserved for a while.

Yes, Farmtruck and AZN are getting their own show.

Many times we have mentioned that the Farmtruck is the ultimate sleeper and it appears that the guys that built it are in agreement because this is the truck that can really take off on the street and looking the way it does, many cannot suspect that.

After all this publicity that it has gathered, however, we are sure that nobody would be tricked into racing it, so this is why these guys have started building many crazy different machines.

These vehicles have been featured in many episodes before, however, it seems that many have liked what these guys are doing and this is why they are now getting their own show which will provide them with tons of work and numerous incredibly great (and terrible at the same time) ideas.

At the moment we are not sure if Jeff Lutz is just a guest star on the show or maybe, just maybe he will be on their staff and help them with their insane builds.

We all remember the successful Gonorail, half monorail half SUV, vehicle which won many races it entered while looking incredibly crazy, or the Farmbird, the ’76 Firebird which was manufactured to bring the Farmtruck style to a different vehicle that has some real speed.

Not all of their machines worked that great and that is the beauty of their genius because these guys have the craziest ideas that are not easy to implement and put to work.

Whichever way this show is going, we sure cannot wait to see so check out their video and find out more about what we can expect once it hits the air. 

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