Chuck Death Trap Gonna Load Up And Get Ready For Virginia No Prep Kings!!!

Check this, Chuck Death Trap Gonna Load Up And Get Ready For Virginia No Prep Kings!!!

For some, this might seem like an end of an era because Chuck is going to pull back the reins on the Death Trap.

This is the famous Foxbody twin-turbo Mustang which he has been trashing about on the streets and on the track for many years now.

According to the video he is announcing that these will be the last two races that he will be sitting behind the wheel of the Death Trap because the successor is supposed to take its place at the No Prep Kings Championship.

From there on further the popular small-block Death Trap will be raced solely on the street which means that we won’t be able to see it at the No Prep Kings races and other track events which are organized during the season.

Over the years these guys have been good to each other and Chuck has managed to keep the car pretty much intact apart from an occasional rub against the wall.

In the future races of the No Prep Kings Championship, Chuck will be driving the new car, and just like anybody that is putting a new car out in the middle of the season, he is hoping that the new car will be much faster than the old one and help him win some races.

What is also interesting is that we get to look around Chuck’s garage and believe us there are some interesting things in there aside from the Death Trap.

Behind the lift that the Death Trap is on, there seem to be a massive black Cadillac with a blue roof that looks amazing and we would like to have Chuck tell us much more about it, but in the meantime check out the video and see how Chuck is getting ready for the upcoming race this weekend.

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