Tearing down Leff Lutz’s Famous “The ‘57”!!

Check this, Tearing down Leff Lutz’s Famous “The ‘57”!!

Let us take you to Pennsylvania today, where Jeff Lutz is busy tearing apart the famous ’57.

As we all know, the car was lost in a crash during the filming of the new Street Outlaws OKC season and has been out ever since.

In the meantime, Jeff has started racing his new car the famous GTO and it has been going pretty good for him and the new car, however, we all knew that the ‘57 had more to give.

As it has been with most of these guys, the car did its job in saving Jeff’s life and as he says, every part of the car did just what it was designed to do and that helped him walk out of the wreck and live to race another day.

When we said that the ‘57 has more to give, unfortunately, we meant this as a donor car and apparently, this is what the mighty ’57 has fallen down to. The engine is not damaged so it will live on to be the spare engine for the current GTO, which as Jeff will tell you has lost the motor.

To see the extensive damage firsthand and up close really puts things into perspective and it truly shows you the severity of the multiple impact points as well as the strength of these things.

While there was some minimal damage to the roll cage and it did crumble slightly, it is apparent that it did not cave in and did its job in protecting Jeff Lutz.

Amongst other things, this teardown will paint a clearer picture of what held up during the crash, and which parts need upgrades in order to stay even safer.

So check out this video and see firsthand how badly the ‘57 has been damaged, and what they will be able to salvage.

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