Monza’s Camaro Upgrading for No Prep Kings, Posible combination change?

Check this, Monza’s Camaro Upgrading for No Prep Kings, Posible combination change?

Brandon and his dad Jerry AKA Monza are one of the most impressive family duo in the entire Street Outlaws street racing scene, and so far it was Brandon who was the team chief and the guy who takes care of the car that his dad is driving.

Over the years they have been struggling with many different setups and lately the car has not been performing at the best of its abilities.

There was no doubt that the car had huge amounts of power, however, the fact is that it was not putting the power down to the street, or the track as it should have been doing.

Having the chassis redone by the famous Larry Larson is one of the things that were supposed to fix these issues and there is no doubt that there is some improvement however we are not sure that this has solved all of the issues.

It appears that Brandon might be thinking the same thing because we now have pictures surfacing of Penske shocks that are to be installed in the Monza in order to get better performance out of the car.

At the same time, Jerry Monza has announced that they will be missing the next race, and to be honest, installing a couple of shocks or even changing out all four, is not something that we think will keep them away from the entire event.

All the “evidence” is pointing to a much major undertaking than just replacing some shocks for better ones.

The regulations do put a heavyweight burden on the Proline 481X combined with the twin 98mm Precision turbos which Monza is running, so maybe they will be trying to do something to change this, who know.

To find out more, as always check out the video and see what other major upgrades might be in store for Monza.

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