Drag Racing Crashes and Wild Rides!!!

Take a look at this, Drag Racing Crashes and Wild Rides!!!

It is time to sit back and relax from all that hard work we have been doing and in order to provide some entertainment during this time, we decided to bring you a video which is full of the craziest rides and some unfortunate events like crashes and rollovers.

Some drivers got in this situation because they were too committed to the race and getting to the finish line faster than the other guy, like the driver of the old pickup who kept his foot all the way to the floor while the whole vehicle was getting consumed by the fiery inferno.

Some just wanted to put down a good show, like the driver who was participating in the wheelstand competition and also had no intention of lifting until he won or crashed, and that is something that we can actually respect, to be honest.

Some of them just wanted to do the right thing, and put some temperature in their tires like the driver who managed to hit the wall during the burnout. We do have to give him credit though because before he ended up in the wall he did actually put down a massive burnout that got the crowd crazy.

Don’t worry though, not everybody gets to crash and damage their vehicle because we have some racers that had performed some miraculous saves. They did so good that the whole crowd was ecstatic and to be honest, that is what we would like to hear, a crowd that is happy when vehicles get saved and they get to race another day.

Amongst the guys with amazing saves, you might be able to recognize a familiar face one that has been on the Street Outlaws show and has sparked many controversies.

So to find out who this guy is and to check out the rest of the action, check out the video and enjoy.

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