Daddy Dave’s Return to the No Prep Kings Invitational at VMP! Goliath’s Rebuild!!!

Take a look at this, Daddy Dave’s Return to the No Prep Kings Invitational at VMP! Goliath’s Rebuild!!!

While we have already explained what really happened to Daddy Dave at SGMP No Prep Kings before we now have some news about this.

Since Daddy Dave got into the wall there was much work that needed to be done to the car and now we can finally say that the car is ready and Daddy Dave will be participating in one of the future events.

One of the problems that these guys face once they damage a vehicle and most of us do not think about is part availability.

The reason being is, most of us drive regular cars with regular parts which are easy to find not only from OEM (original equipment manufacturers) but also from many different aftermarket part manufacturers which produce the same part with a different price/quality.

The parts that these guys use are far from OEM, instead many of the parts are specially built for racing, and some of them even especially for the vehicle in question.

Waiting on parts while others are working on theirs to get them faster and testing them to adjust for every type of scenario while the championship is still ongoing must be frustrating to Daddy Dave and his entire crew.

Instead of testing for the next event, all they can do is sit and wait and watch other teams collect valuable points.

We are sure that Ryan Martin and the rest of the 405 team cannot wait to have Daddy Dave and the Goliath back in their corner because we all know that these guys need to be a part of a team in order for them to win the championship.

So check out the video and see for yourself how far they have progressed with fixing the car, and hear more about the reparation process, as well as the setup of the car.


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