Monza vs Stan Allen at NPK – Cordova, IL: Race Your Way In!!!

Check this, Monza vs Stan Allen at NPK – Cordova, IL: Race Your Way In!!!

Jerry Monza and his son Brandon have been struggling with the car for quite a while now and we would love to see them make a good pass.

This father and son team combination has been trying and working very hard to get this Split Bumper Camaro to go faster and faster.

If you have watched a few of their races, you know that the power is there and there is no need to wrench on that part of the car in order to get more power, however getting that power on the ground is a totally different story.

For whatever reason, these guys could not get the car to work to the best of its abilities and they have been struggling with it for quite a while.

As they stage we see that Ryan Martin, Daddy Dave, Chuck Seitsinger, and Shawn “Murder Nova” Ellington are there on the starting line helping him out, so maybe, just maybe these guys have thrown a few pointers for Brandon to help him tune the car, so this might be the big win that these guys have been expecting for a long time.

In the lane next to him we have Stan Allen sitting patiently in his twin-turbo Proline Mustang AKA Megatron and he is here to make sure that Monza will not have an easy win.

So far he has been racing with the Black Sheep Mafia team and he is one of the guys that are trying to race their way in and show everybody that he is ready for the big boys and can compete with the best.

So check out the video and see if Monza will get his Mojo back or will Stan Allen start making waves in this event and show us that he is a force to be reckoned with.

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