Precious’s Car Crashes and Flips Over, Street Outlaws: Memphis!!!

Check this, Precious’s Car Crashes and Flips Over, Street Outlaws: Memphis!!!

-Yeah I’m fine, I’m mad about the car!

This is the best thing we could think of that will portray in the best ways how Precious is after flipping the car seven or eight times.

As always the most important thing is the driver and today, Precious is feeling a little ruffed up, but she is not injured and she walked away from a very bad accident.

You see even when Precious and Stevie Croom from South Carolina were staging, they were both adamant that this road is very tricky, and with the weather being cold as it is it was obvious that they will have their hands full whenever they let off the button.

After the usual burnout, JJ Da Boss decided that they need to do a dry hop so they can check the traction of the car, and as soon as they did it, it was obvious that the road was not up to par with the power that these guys were producing.

This was obvious a split second after JJ dropped his arms and both of these guys let go of the button at more or less the same time.

What followed was some terrible sideways action which caused Precious to move way too far to the left trying to avoid a crash with Stevie and ended up rolling the car a few times.

While it was obvious that Stevie crossed the center line while fighting the car to keep it pointed towards the finish line even though it was refusing to cooperate. This could not be categorized in any different way than a racing incident with nobody to blame, and since both drivers walked away from this we should be happy.

So check out this crash and see how it all went down and see what happened for yourself.

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