Murder Nova has a Close Call vs Fireball Camaro At OUTLAW ARMAGEDDON 7 STREET OUTLAWS 405!!!

Check this, Murder Nova has a Close Call vs Fireball Camaro At OUTLAW ARMAGEDDON 7 STREET OUTLAWS 405!!!

Today we are headed to the Thunder Valley Raceway Park where the Street Outlaws Armageddon 7 event was held.

As you have probably heard already it was Ryan Martin who won the event, behind the wheel of the famous Fireball Camaro.

This is surely no surprise to nobody because we all know that this car has been incredibly fast for years not, and the 2021 setup change, switching to a procharger instead of the twin-turbo setup has been very good to the car and helped it significantly.

There is no way to talk about the Armageddon 7 event however without mentioning Kayla Morton, who came back to No Prep Racing and did it in a very serious fashion.

She made it all the way to the finals, where she treed Ryan Martin and almost grabbed the big W, however as we said, the Fireball Camaro had something to say about this.

In the video today we are talking about how Shawn Ellington had a moment behind the wheel of the famous Murder Nova.

As you are about to see, at the very beginning of the race, the car got sideways very fast and the shoots were deployed, helping the car straighten out and keeping it off the wall and away from the Fireball Camaro.

While some say that it was Shawn who pulled the shoots, there is some that claim that Shawn would never pull them that early.

We are not sure which episode this was on, but we do remember Big Chief teaching everybody how to use the shoots to pull the car back in line, explaining how you can sideways much safer if you use the shoots at the exact moment.

We think that Shawn was using Big Chief’s advice and this was the reason why the shoots were deployed, so check out the video and tell us what you think.

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