Controversial Finals! Nate Schaloach vs Shayne Propst at Street Outlaws: Memphis!!!

Check this, Controversial Finals! Nate Schaloach vs Shayne Propst at Street Outlaws: Memphis!!

The small-tire cash days which were run by JJ Da Boss are coming to an end and today we have the final race for you guys.

The race is between two racers that we cannot say we knew before this event.

Nate Schaloach is thy guy who actually won the biggest cash prize at this event in the race against Tricia as tempers flared and people could not stop betting against one another.

At the end of the staging period, the cash prize for that race went up to an incredible $43,000 which went to Nate’s pocket, assuring that he goes home with more than just some memories from the small tire cash days that JJ Da Boss got together.

After winning this, Nate Schaloach is surely ready to win the entire event, which combined with the money that he made in the race against Tricia would put his winnings to almost $60 grand, a number that not many racers can say they have ever won in their career, be it on the street or even at the track.

 In the lane next to him is Shayne Propst, coming from Oregon and he is more than eager to show Nate that he has a car much better than the one Tricia drove in the race that made him famous.

To keep things fair, these guys decided to stop playing games and stop abusing the “chase is a race” rule so they shook on their agreement to not jump.

They promised each other that both of them will wait for the arms to drop to get a clean drag race and find out who is really faster.

Will both drivers be able to keep their promise, or will one of them jump and get an unfair advantage, after shaking on their deal?

Check out the video and find out if they did, and also who will go home $16 grand richer.

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