Street Outlaws Dominator’s New Car is HERE!!!

Check this, Street Outlaws Dominator’s New Car is HERE!!!

Once again we have Sim on video to bring us all the news that he managed to gather up from the street racing scene.

The first thing that he wants to talk about is Kye Kelley and his brand new massive engine coming from the legendary racer and engine manufacturer Pat Musi.

As we have already told you, this beast of an engine is going to be installed in Kye Kelley’s car AKA The Showstopper and with it, he hopes to move further up the points and hopefully even win one of these events pretty soon.

This move, along with many other racers that are building brand new cars for the No Prep Kings Championship, proves that this is a very hot item at the moment and that this championship will be getting more and more competitive even as the year progresses, and probably even more during next season, which for us is always great news.

The next subject on Sim’s list is Daddy Dave and the Goliath and how far along he is with the repairs after the crash at the South Georgia Motorplex, and unfortunately the news is that he will not be able to get the car ready for the next event, he will however, make sure to get it done for the event after this and all we can do is wish him the best of luck.

Now we are not sure if Sim knows something he is not telling us, but he does talk about how all the top racers from the 405 have two race cars, and Daddy Dave is still putting all of his money and efforts into one, so could this mean that Daddy Dave has a surprise in store for us?

Well, as always watch the video and find out more about this.

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