Take a look at this, bad 1700hp Chevy S-10 Breaks World Record!!!

We knew this S-10 was fast, but we didn’t know it was WORLD RECORD fast!!!

Today we bring you this video filmed by 1320video crew about one bad as f*ck Chevy S-10 Truck.

Nick’s S-10 has quite the setup. With it being finished just 6 weeks ago, we knew he may have some complications with his fresh build. He really fought some complications and adapted to overcome them on this outing.

He not only did that, he put down the fastest pass for any LS stick shift car IN HISTORY. What a turn of events.

“This man is legit 100% pure race car buildier/driver. Cool as hell and love the sport. We must protect this man at all costs!”

“This dude definitely has one of the best attitudes and seems like a humble guy. Probably one of the coolest builds too.” are some of the comments about this guy.

Check the video and feel free to comment…

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