Street Outlaws Star Big Chiefs New Engine from Butler!!!

Check this, Street Outlaws Star Big Chiefs New Engine from Butler!!!

If somebody would have told us a decade ago that we would be talking about street racers that have made it into the TV world, we surely would have had a different perspective of the conversation than what we have today.

Believe it or not, Sim is talking about some street racers who have been very successful on the street, and now they have finally had their chance to shine and get a small piece of the spotlight of the Discovery Channel’s air time.

While this might sound like a déjà vu, this was the original way that we found out about Big Chief, Daddy Dave, Chuck Seitsinger, Shawn Ellington, and a ton of different racers in the initial show called the Street Outlaws.

Now Sim is talking about Nate Schaloach, a guy who won the most incredible $43 grand pot in a race between him and Tricia from the MSO team, and how so far he has been doing very well in the races that he has entered.

Putting the spotlight on street racers which have been rising up to the challenge has been the core mission of the Street Outlaws show, and the more racers get their popularity thru this looking glass, the better the show will be, and the better the street racing scene will become.

Making it to the show would be the ultimate goal for many of these guys and the boost that comes with the popularity could only enhance their performance.

This is a great way to shine, for the dedicated few that are willing to put in the work so for Sim to encourage them and the future stars is a great idea.

To find out more about this, check out his video and hear what else he has in store, in this week’s episode.

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