Racer Chokes When Rival Drives Close To The Line | Street Outlaws: Mega Cash Days!!

Check this, Racer Chokes When Rival Drives Close To The Line | Street Outlaws: Mega Cash Days!!

Let us take you back to the Mega Cash Days. You know, the race that was held at such a road that none of the biggest racers could make an impact and all they could do is race the road instead of themselves.

Well if you remember, back then there was a race that really gave Big Chief a hard time and for many different reasons.

You see, this is the one when Big Chef kept doing everything he could but just could not get away from a race between him and one of the 405 guys even when he was surrounded by other competitors from all over the country.

This was the chip draw that got him lined up against Robin Roberts. Even though this racer is not originally from the 405, it is obvious that all of the 405 guys have welcomed him into the team like he is one of their own and Big Chief was furious for drawing his chip for this race.

Ever since he joined the team, all the other racers had nothing but great things to say about him, and even Big Chief himself mentioned this after he messed up the race.

If you remember, nearly halfway down the track Robin Roberts started sliding towards the middle of the lane. This is nothing that Big Chef has not seen, this guy has been racing for his entire life, so nobody expected him to lift, even Ryan Martin who has raced him for the number one spot on the popular 405 list confirmed this.

This is a guy who would drive thru hell to get the win, there was no way of him lifting.

Or was it?

Well, check out the video and see and hear for yourself what Big Chief has to say about this.

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