JJ Da Boss Smokes 2nd Generation Camaro at Street Outlaws Arm Drop!!!

Check this, JJ Da Boss Smokes 2nd Generation Camaro at Street Outlaws Arm Drop!!!

Over the years we have seen many different ways of starting a race.

The most popular and well-known in the entire world are the starting lights AKA Christmas Tree.

However, the history of the Christmas Tree is surrounded by controversy and there are two different articles that we managed to come up with, and they both claim that that was the way the Christmas Tree was invented.

One claims that Oliver Riley, the guy who founded the Chrondek Corporation was approached by the NHRA National Field Director Ed Eaton back in 1962 and was asked for help on the matter.

This is how the Christmas Tree was born, which provided much-needed help for starter safety during bracket races.

The other story that we managed to dig up was the one claiming that Wilfred H. “W.H.” David, Jr., the person who started the Pel State Timing Association, invented the device back in the 1950s and at an unknown later date, he sold the rights to the technology to the now well-known Chrondek Corporation.

To be honest we are not here to decide which story is true, although they both sound plausible.

When it comes to starting races on the street, however, we all know that there is no Christmas Tree, so other options are in play.

One of the best ways is the popular flashlight that the 405 guys were using, simply because you can see frame by frame if there was a jump start by one of the vehicles.

Down in Memphis however, things are done differently and these guys are using the arm-drop rule backed up with the chase is a race addition in order to avoid confrontation.

So let’s join JJ Da Boss, the person who made these two rules popular around the world, as he races a second-generation Camaro, enjoy…


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