Ryan Martin Smokes Robin Roberts in Final Race at No Prep Kings in Idaho!!!

Take a look at this, Ryan Martin Smokes Robin Roberts in Final Race at No Prep Kings in Idaho!!!

They call it the High Voltage Firebird and over the years it has proven that it can go very, very fast once Robin Roberts gets the tune right.

Today he is facing Ryan Martin in the gray Camaro, a guy who built a brand new car this season just to be able to defend his crown in the No Prep Kings Championship from last season.

As the reigning champion we are sure Ryan Marin has a trick or two up his sleeve, however, we must not forget that Robin Roberts has tasted victory and it is sweet.

We are not sure if you remember that Robin Roberts won the event held at the Darlington Dragway in Hartsville, South Carolina. Thus he became one of the real No Prep Kings and we are sure that he would like to do this again.

The $40,000 that he won back then are surely already spent on the vehicle and the rest of the team so keeping an eye on that light will be like staring at the green stacks of cash that are placed in front of the winner once he is back from the finish line.

We all know that these two racers have been racing each other time over time and we also know that the last time these two met up, they had the same lanes as today and it was the semi final.

That race victory went to High Voltage team because Ryan Martin lost traction near the middle of the track and Robin was able to get to the finish line first.

We are sure that Ryan would like to make up for that mistake, while at the same time, try not to repeat it so play the video and see who gets the big W and the 40 grand.

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