Two Awesome Semi Final Races at No Prep Kings Petersburg, VA!!!

Check who went into the finals, Two Awesome Semi Final Races at No Prep Kings Petersburg, VA!!!

For those who did not have the chance to get to the Virginia Motorsport Park in order to catch the action live and smell the tires, no worries, we are here to bring you all the important action which went down at the track.

We catch up with the racers in the Semi-Finals with four cars left to race in order to see who is going to be going home with a pocket full of cash, a few medals and the bragging rights that he has conquered the Virginia Motorsport Park.

In the first round of the semifinals, we have two well-known names who have been at the top of the competition many times before so it is no surprise to find them there.

In the left lane, we have the No Prep Kings Campion from season one, Jerry “Birdman” Finney who is going to do his best to try and beat Kye Kelley in The Showstopper who is staging in the right-hand lane.

The second semifinal brings us the race between No Prep Kings Campion from season two, Mike Murillo who won the Championship with a ten-point lead after being the underdog at the Texas Motorplex in Ennis, Texas, and Rich Bruder from Bruder Brothers Racing behind the wheel of his car named Jackyll.

Both of these racers are promising some great fun and within minutes we are going to find out who is going to be facing who in the finals, and who is going to grab some points and some cash at the end of the day.

All of the cars are lined up and staged, racers are performing their burnouts, and have started starring at the flashing lights of the Christmas tree, so play the video and see who gets to fight who for the crown this weekend. 

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