Sick 5 Second Quarter Mile Supercharged 1959 DeSoto!!!

Take a look at this, Sick 5 Second Quarter Mile Supercharged 1959 DeSoto!!!

In today’s video we are taking you to the Great Lakes Dragaway in Union Grove, Wisconsin where the Time Machine Nationals event was held.

This incredible event featured many different attractions like rotaries and jet cars and apparently the crowd was enjoying all of it.

There seemed to be something more however to the event than just the incredible jet cars and for many it was an incredibly powerful car which was born in the late fifties during the last century.

DeSoto was a brand which was manufactured and maintained by Chrysler and in the beginning the name was representative as an affordable performance.

Now we have one of those affordable performance Chrysler product which has moved quite faster than what was originally thought to be possible back when it left the factory floor.

You see, instead of the jet engine being the star of the event, it turned out that this Supercharged 1959 DeSoto stole the show.

The reason behind all this was pretty simple, this 62 year old car managed to get to the quarter mile finish line in less than six seconds.

By diving into the fives this car astonished everybody that had the chance to see it for the first time, and then the rest of the field just kept on pushing forward.

While the rest of the guys did not have the chance to dip in the five seconds, their consistent runs of mid 6 seconds were a sight for sour eyes.

The jet cars as we all know might not be able to take off from the starting line as fast as the regular cars, they did however manage to provide for some close racing as they lit up the track with the huge fireball.

So check out the video and see what else was worth watching at the Time Machine Nationals event.

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