Turn It Off It’s on Fire Street Outlaws: Memphis!

Check this, Turn It Off It’s on Fire Street Outlaws: Memphis!

Let’s join JJ and his crew as they set up to race Bobby Bridges in his G body Malibu which has tons of power, so you can bet that although JJ is betting left and right, they sure are worried about the race.

To make matters worse, as soon as Tricia tries to start the motor her car suddenly backfires, and guess what, a fire breaks out under the hood.

As the professionals that they are JJ and the crew have the hood of the car in a matter of seconds and are ready to tackle the fire.

With the fire out now all they can do is guess the reason for the backfire since with Bobby on the starting line these guys don’t have any time to go searching for the problem causing the issue.

All they can hope for is that the car is able to heal itself and the backfiring problem won’t happen in the middle of the race with a wide-open throttle.

We are sure that Bobby Would have given Tricia some time to look for the issue and see it is fixable however, surprisingly JJ did not ask for any time, he and the team decided that The Heifer is good to go and the race will be on in a minute.

Coming from Las Vegas, Bobby Bridges drives a 1979 G body Malibu which is powered by a huge big block Chevy engine which promises to give Tricia and the Heifer quite the hard time.

On paper, this should be a great drag race and honestly, the best we can hope for is that nobody jumps and the Heifer stays healthy at least to the end of the race, so we can see some good racing between these two, so play the vide and enjoy the race.

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