Rick Hord’s Pro Mod Car Hits Both Walls in Indy!!!

Take a look at this, Rick Hord’s Pro Mod Car Hits Both Walls in Indy!!!

Let’s head over to the Dodge//SRT NHRA U.S. Nationals in Indianapolis where during the initial round of qualifying Rick Hord puts his Pro Mod not into the wall, instead he manages to hit both of them.

You see, many are stating that once these cars get loose to a certain point, drivers need to stop trying to drive the cars in order to keep them off the wall.

Instead, they should terminate the round and try their luck in the next one.

However, these guys did not come here to lift at the first sign of trouble, instead Rick Hord did all he can do to perform the opposite and not lift in order to get the best of his run.

He decided to keep his foot buried into the floor and make the necessary corrections on the direction that the car is moving with the steering wheel being sure that he can pull this thru.

This unfortunately did not bring the desired result and by the time he lifted, the car was already headed towards the wall with some serious speed, and what happened next was just physics.

The car managed to bounce off the left wall and damage the steering so bad that he has nothing else to do but become the passenger who is anxiously waiting for the ride to stop.

The car does not stop all the way to the sand trap and luckily Rick is uninjured, with just a few bruises to his ego.

To make matters worse, this is the second time that Rick has damaged the vehicle this year in a very similar way, so that must hurt his budget.

So check out this unfortunate event and see how Rick damages his Pro Mod for the second, and hopefully the last time, this year.

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