Teammates Turned Rivals With $100,000 On The Line I Street Outlaws!!!

Check this, Teammates Turned Rivals With $100,000 On The Line I Street Outlaws!!!

One of the worst things that these teams encounter on some of these events is the fact that they end up drawing each other from the chip number bag.

These guys have often driven for many hours just to end up racing the same guy that basically lives next door to you and you have been working on both cars together for the longest time.

When these guys head out to the events they head out to race a few guys from other places and see how fast their car is compared to racers across the nation. Instead, all they get is a race that could have been set up on a regular weekend with your buddy.

In addition to this, they have to remember that no matter how bad they want the win, they can be sure that one of their teammates will be leaving the event, and you are the person that caused this.

This time it is Anthony Smith AKA Turtle in the Hercules against JJ Da Boss and to be nice to Turtle, JJ has allowed him to pick lanes.

As we all know the right lane was the favorite lane for this competition so this is why understandably Turtle picked the right lane.

On the other hand, it was JJ’s choice to end up in the left lane and get some data on the lane which he desperately needed in order to get further along in the competition because it seemed that whoever gets to conquer the left lane will have the upper hand in the races to follow.

So in a way, this ended up being the best option for both of them so that means that they are both going to go for it and hopefully get a great pass, so check out the video and see who gets ahead.

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