Street Outlaws – Update on Eric K’s Kaosvette Crash at the Tucson No Prep Kings event!!

Check this, Street Outlaws – Update on Eric K’s Kaosvette Crash at the Tucson No Prep Kings event!!

At the moment we have Eric Kvilhaug sitting in the third spot in the points standings for the current season four of the No Prep Kings Championship.

 There is no doubt that the Kaosvettte was one of the fastest cars in the No Prep Kings Championship and the very fact that it was ranked third in points at the moment of the crash only proves this.

With only last year’s winner Ryan Martin and Kye Kelley ahead of him in the points, it is obvious that he was the biggest surprise of the season and he has put himself on the No Prep Kings map.

Unfortunately, his luck ran out at the Tucson event where despite winning the race the car ended up hitting the wall and even catching on fire.

For a moment there, Eric was stuck in the burning wreck due to the fact that his door was against the wall and he could not get out of it, however, luckily he managed to get out of the car uninjured.

With Eric K’s safety being the most important thing, we can move on to the rest of the less important topics, like his car and will they be able to repair it.

According to the info we have, the car is repairable and that is also good news.

We cannot expect them to fix it quite fast because due to the fire we are sure that all the hoses, as well as all the wiring, will need replacing as well as nearly all the sensors on the front which are probably damaged due to the high temperatures.

With about five races to the end of the season we can only hope to see the Kaosvette in action again and in the pursuit of the first place in the standings.

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