Biker Does CRAZY Rolling Burnout on the Street!!

Check this, Biker Does CRAZY Rolling Burnout on the Street!!

If you are watching this video with the sound turned all the way up, at some point you might consider that the sound of a high revving four cylinder sport bike while wasting its power while creating smoke with the help of the rear wheel might be equivalent to a mosquito on red bul.

Amongst the crazy noise of the exhaust and the screech of the rear tire of this street bike you can hear the engine slamming on the rev limiter which is one of the worst thing an engine can endure.

In case you didn’t know, once the engine reaches the governor, there is no fuel to ensure an explosion so the rings of the piston cannot extract and that means that the piston rings cannot expand and make sure there is a sealed gap between the rings and the cylinder heads.

This is the reason that most engines will spit out smoke once they hit the rev limiter…

So watch the video and remember do not do this to your bike.

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