Street Outlaws Shane Wreck His New Car, Again!

Check this, Street Outlaws Shane Wreck His New Car, Again!

We all know Shane and we have all seen him in action but the fact that he had a brand new vehicle was something special for all of us that have been following him lately.

Today we take you to a great video when you get to see the spectacle where he brings out his brand new Vega and gives it an unwanted makeover when he slams it into the wall while trying not to lift off his right foot of the power pedal in order to get a better run.

Yes most of us will agree that on the first run you are supposed to be taking care of the vehicle and focus on the info about the car instead of trying to prove a point.

But then again the performance of the car will get you carried away and put your hopes up and get you thinking that you got this and end up destroying a brand new car.

Check out this video and find out how Shane got carried away…

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