Billy Morris Takes a Wild Ride!

Take a look at this, Billy Morris Takes a Wild Ride!

As per usual, we would like to inform you about the most important thing in this video, which is the fact that nobody got injured on the track or near it, where parts of the race car landed.

Allow us to take you to the Spokane Nitro Nationals where nitro funny cars are about to face off against one another.

In the left lane we have Eddie Knox’s funny car, aptly named (at least for this video) “Problem Child” which is being piloted by Billy Morris.

We all know that these are purpose built race cars with a tubular chassis which get their shape and form by adding a fiberglass body on them. Well this time it appeared that the race car underneath simply decided to reject the body and shed it off itself.

Jokes aside, near the finish line the supercharger decided to develop some issues which resulted in a pretty massive explosion, which literally blew the fiberglass 1969 Camaro shaped body off the car.

As we said this happened near the end of the track at a massive speed which means that the force of the wind was huge and it easily picked up the body and launched it dozens of feet in the air.

Lucky for the safety crew which were on site when this happened, there was a crosswind which helped the body fly away from them and all the way to the other side of the track where it could not injure anybody, but itself.

Since we are not sure about the state of the supercharger, it appears that the only damage this time was on the body itself which we are sure can be easily fixed and Billy Morris can resume racing, with a great story to tell his friends, so check out the video and see it for yourself.

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