Old School vs Modern Muscle Cars Drag Racing!!!

Check this, Old School vs Modern Muscle Cars Drag Racing!!!

It has been quite a while since we have brought you a video of this kind.

These are the Old School vs Modern Brand New (mostly) muscle cars which are here to show that even the old guys are still packing a punch.

At times they do much more than that and straight up teach the new kids a lesson.

For us, the fact that these guys are racing the same models with quite a few generations between them, and at times nearly half a century younger, is beautiful and we are grateful to be able to bring you these races where grandpa is teaching the youngsters a few things from back in the day.

Many folks prefer their car to be built not bought and most of those are sitting behind the wheel of their classic Muscle Cars, however by the looks and the way the newer models sound, the owners have apparently used a wrench or two on them.

It really does not matter whichever you prefer because we have to remember that back in the day somebody needed to purchase these cars brand new, in order for them to be here at the track teaching the young guns what is the best way to get to the end of the track in the shortest amount of time.

The video shows us one other thing, which is that just like in real life, many races were decided by the driver instead of the real speed of the vehicle that they were driving which comes to show that in order to win a few races, you have to compete in a few races to get used to the concept.

Apparently for some this was one of the first few races and it shows. Be that as it may, we invite you to check out this great video and tell us in the comment section which one would you prefer, the new or the classic muscle car?


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One thought on “Old School vs Modern Muscle Cars Drag Racing!!!

  1. i watch the first part of this and the road runner was not tuned correctly considering 30 years ago my 1969 road runner ran 10.90 with a street motor

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