Murder Nova vs Chuck Seitsinger No Prep Kings at Epping, NH!!!

Check this awesome race, Murder Nova vs Chuck Seitsinger No Prep Kings at Epping, NH!!!

One of the most expected racing championships must have been the No Prep Kings Championship which is finally going down and we are finally ready for some racing.

While this is the fifth race in the schedule, it is the fourth event that has actually been held because the Cordova race which was scheduled for the 9th and 10th of July got rescheduled due to heavy rain and for now it waiting for the organizers to fit it in somewhere in August.

This event which is being held in Epping, at the New England Dragway this weekend is promising us a lot of great races and we start with the first round of the fourth No Prep Kings event, where Chuck Seitsinger is sitting in the right lane with his Death Trap, facing the Murder Nova piloted by Shawn Ellington in the left lane.

These two teammates apparently drew each other in the first round which is something that they all try to avoid in order to keep the team as high as they can on the scoreboard.

Apparently they did not manage to avoid racing amongst the 405 so now one of these teammates will be going home, unfortunately.

When it comes to racing other guys, these guys are more than just a team, but when they are facing each other we all know that it is every man for himself so once again they will be doing all they can to outrun the guy in the next lane.

The new Murder Nova has been very fast this season so Chuck has his hands full if you ask us, however Chuck is a real OG racer and when it matter we are sure he knows how to rise to the occasion.

So check out one of the first races from Epping and see who gets to have a better weekend.

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