BMW Series 5 The Best Connected Car for 2016!

As a reward for their hard work, inventiveness and creativity BMW this year has achieved great success winning total of 4 categories, thanks to the public vote in the contest called “Connected Car Award” organized by the magazine Auto Bild and Computer Bild.

One of the prizes they won is for the best assistance in driving on the highway, but it seems that their most precious prize it was the “Connected Car 2016 prize for their new 5 Series.

In the category “security” the winner was the Mercedes E-Class with their system of self-stopping in danger and avoiding obstacle. Nokia Here, jointly owned by Audi, BMW and Daimler, won the most votes in the category “navigation”. Going further in the category “Internet” with the display of 17 inches, unrivaled won the California electrical specialist Tesla. The task of “integration with telephones” the one who has best captured and executed was the German manufacturer Opel.

According to the votes of the readers in the category of “sound” the one that was selected as best was “The sound of Bowers & Wilkins with 19 speakers in the Volvo S90”. The other two categories in which BMW won the most votes were the categories for “BMW Connected” (applications) and BMW “Over the Air Updates” (Internet service provider).

Auto Bild and Computer Bild according to the votes for best innovation declared the Incontrol Remote application of Jaguar Land Rover. The best features of this super cool modern  application are those who provides various functions via portable devices, including smart watch as remote control of air conditioning or lock the vehicle.

In the selection of smart phones that establishes  the best “connection” with the car, with no doubt with a huge number of votes has won the phone Apple iPhone 7 Plus.

BMW this year have really outdone themselves admiring their fans, who knew how to reward them for their hard, dedicated and courageous work.

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