Burnouts in Front of Cop…AND GETTING AWAY!

Wow, Burnouts in Front of Cop…AND GETTING AWAY! 

After seeing this video, we all have to come to a joint conclusion that Houston Coffee and Cars, is the best event of this kind in the whole US, since there was some awesome, spectacular, burnouts by nearly all of the participants on the way out, well except for the few AWD cars, that are not capable of doing them.

The crowd is loving the whole spectacle as the egg the drivers on the shred a piece of the tire thread and sign the asphalt with their personal signature.

It is obvious that the drivers are enjoying themselves as well as we see the sport bike rider giving high fives to the crowd after a massive burnout of his own.

We are thorn about what was the best thing about this video, the fact that none of the Mustangs that were burning rubber crashed, or the fact that the cops caught the drivers red handed and yet let them do their thing, what do you think?

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