This Girl’s Reaction To Fast Duramax TT Launch is Pure Gold!

This Girl’s Reaction To Fast Twin Turbo Duramax Launch is Pure Gold!

Now we know there are exceptions to the rule and god bless those girls but for the most part, girls do not know too much about cars trucks, apart from the way they look.

That said, this girl may not have known what to expect but apparently, she was expecting something, we could all see it on her face, as she prepares for whatever is to come after the launch of this twin turbo Duramax powered Chevrolet Silverado driven and owned by Jakob Hernig.

Whatever she was expecting was far less than what she got since she is totally amazed by this diesel monster.

As this Duramax launches off the line she goes berserk with awe as this “train” pulls towards some insane numbers slamming her in the seat rest.

Play this video and see the awesome honest reaction of this girl that got far more than what she was expecting.

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