Car Painting Ideas That Are On Another Level!!

What do you think, is Car Painting Ideas That Are On Another Level!!?

For most of us, car paint is something that is done at the factory, and god forbid in a paint shop after we misjudged the distance between the car and that light poll which we were going to parking next to.

However, when people modify their vehicles the car paint is something that people see first and it should look as good as possible or as modern as possible, and while some still think flames on the car are cool and modern, these guys live in a different era and their paint is totally of the scales.

In this video we get to see the most advanced techniques these days and they include car wrapping, painting and air brushing but it is all done with some awesome ideas and it seems that the most important thing in this business is the inspiration because getting the idea on how the car should look is the place it all starts, check it out.


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