Street Outlaws Daddy Dave vs Ryan Martin Real Drag Race for $40,000!!

Check this, Street Outlaws Daddy Dave vs Ryan Martin Real Drag Race for $40,000!!

In the past two seasons of the No Prep Kings, Ryan Martin and the Fireball Camaro came incredibly close to locking down the tittle but no cigar.

They were amongst the fastest competitors and yet they kept running into bad luck, like the race in Texas where for double the points all they needed was to win the first two rounds and get the tittle but Ryan drew poorly and lost in the first round so all he could do is sit and wait for somebody to win against Mike Murillo in order for him to win the championship, but this never happened.

Today we find him racing against one of his buddies from the 405, Daddy Dave during the No Prep Kings event, and this time $40,000 are on the line, so nobody is going to take things easy against their buddy, they will be turning the cars up, and hope that the track can take it, enjoy.

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  • Does it aggravate anyone else that the camera always cuts away halfway through the race and you can’t watch the full race? Discovery does that crap and it’s so annoying!

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