Chevy Nova Smokes Nissan Skyline R32 on Street Race

It’s on again, the battle between Import vs American Muscle is heating up in this video and once again we have a driver sitting on the wrong side on a Nissan Skyline lining up against one badass American Muscle, the Chevy Nova.

The owner of the Nova decided to hold back the numbers, he simply does not want anybody around here in the crowd to know what kind of power is that beast hiding, and we respect that, if you wanna find out, put your money where your mouth is and race against it.

Apparently, the guy in the Skyline has enough confidence in his modified Japanese import to think that he can win against this purebred muscle car so he goes for it and it’s on.

You would think that the Nissan will have the launch in the bag because of the all-wheel drive on the import car, and the Nova will have to play catch-up, but think again.

This Monster Nova just takes off with the front wheels in the air putting the Nissan in its place, check it out!

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