Cody Baker vs Eric Kvilhaug Final In Street Outlaws 2021 NPK – Mohnton, PA: Epping, NH!!!

Check this, Cody Baker vs Eric Kvilhaug Final In Street Outlaws 2021 NPK – Mohnton, PA: Epping, NH!!!

In case the names Eric Kvilhaugh, or his ride KaosVette do not sound familiar let us tell you a few things about them.

First things first, this is not somebody that appeared out of nowhere and jumped into the No Prep Kings Championship all of a sudden. No, he has been racing for years in different events some of which include the West Coast Hot Rod Association (WCHRA), Team Boddie events and even Street Car Super Nationals (SCSN) events so do not think for a second that this is the first major event that Eric Kvilhaugh and his KaosVette have entered.

They have been waiting for their chance to shine in the No Prep Kings races since the last season, however as we all know the Covid-19 Virus and the global pandemic that it started have kept Eric off the track for quite a while.

In the meantime, it is obvious that he has been patiently waiting, testing, and progressing in order to show everybody what the KaosVette is really capable off.

This time he really showed everybody we believe and the fact that he is racing in the finals is probably a bigger compliment than any we can give hi, so the best we can do is just congratulate him for this tremendous effort and great result.

However, he is not over the hill yet because right now in the right hand lane next to him he has Cody Baker and the immensely powerful and consistent Shake N Bake, staging for the final round which brings $40 000.

We know that Cody Baker and Eric Kvilhaug both can already smell the cash, however, before they put their hands on it, they will need to take their finger off the button at the appropriate time, so check out the video and see who gets to drive home $40 000 richer.

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