Kawasaki Ninja vs Muscle Car 604 Street Legit Drag Racing!!!

Check this, Kawasaki Ninja vs Muscle Car 604 Street Legit Drag Racing!!!

While many might consider this an, apples to oranges comparison, the fact is that we don’t mind a race no matter how different the vehicles might seem at first sight.

And quite different they are aren’t they.

The Cuda is a great muscle car and has tons of power but that is not all to win a drag race. In a drag race weight goes a long way and both of the Kawasaki bikes that the Cuda races are something much lighter than the car.

This is why these machines are capable of neck breaking speeds with relatively small 1400 cc engines, because there is not much mass.

With the car weighing much more than the bike this race might seem unfair to the car, however the car does have approximately five times more horsepower than the bike, which will be trying to move the bigger vehicle towards the finish line.

Both of the bikes look like they have longer rear forks to stop them from pulling massive wheelies off the line, a modification which is necessary for nearly all the drag racing bikes and kinda works similar to the wheelie bars on cars, using the same principals.

The driver of the Cuda did rob us from watching a good race in the first try, because he jumped so bad that there was no real comparison of how good the car would have kept up with the bike, or would it actually be able to beat it, and that is a shame.

The second time around, the Cuda spun it’s tires right off the line and we once again got cheated from a direct race between these two monsters, but don’t worry, there is a third race scheduled and that one is going to be for the books.

So check out this video and see how these two compare at the track.

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