This Compilation of Harley Davidson Wheelie Fails is Insane!

This Compilation of Harley Davidson Wheelie Fails is Insane!

Whenever we think of a Harley Davidson bike, the first thing that comes to mind is the open road comfortable seating position and the freedom to roam thru the country in the miles and miles of open road.

Apparently there are some Harley riders that have the complete opposite intentions in using their bikes, and no matter how crazy it sounds, there are bikers that use their Harley motorcycles to do stunts.

One of the biggest problems with this is the weight of the bike because let’s face it, Harley are not the most famous for shedding weight of their machines, and to control that bulk using only the rear wheel is something that not too many folks can achieve.

 Once the camera starts rolling though some folks just can’t stop themselves and pull one of the most amazing stunts that we have ever seen on a Harley, but the sad truth is that you just can’t fool the laws of nature so most of them end up kissing the pavement.

The real shame is, that most of these guys act like they have never heard of protection gear.

Check out the video, and tell us which was your favorite fail or save in the comment section.

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