COOL Turbo LS Swap TRUCK Called Rusty Bob!!!

Wow, check this Cool Turbo LS Swap TRUCK Called Rusty Bob!!!

His name is Darin Lewis, and he drives one of the coolest trucks we have seen in a while.

He calls it Rusty Bob, and it is powered by a Turbocharged LS engine with apparently more than enough power to pull some amazing runs.

Darin has put in some major hours in this machine, not that you can tell at first glance, but for an experienced car enthusiast it will be obvious that this truck was built with love and skill.

And we think that Darin deserves even more respect for taking this great vehicle at the track and racing it to prove that this truly is a great sleeper, since we all know that many would not recognize what it going on under the hood and would dare to bet against it on the street in a stoplight to stoplight race, only to get humiliated.

Check out Rusty Bob in the video bellow.

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