Monza’s Save vs Larry Larson at Armageddon No Prep!

Wow, take a look at this, Monza’s Save vs Larry Larson at Armageddon No Prep!

We have a very close race for you guys between two real celebrities of the drag racing NoPrep game.

This time we have Monza lining up against the ever popular Larry Larson, a guy who has one of the biggest turbo chargers in the game mounted on a truck which just seems that it will refuse to make a bad pass.

The good thing about the race is the fact that Monza kept is straight all the way to the finish line and he made one great pass but as soon as he got on the brakes that 1972 Camaro Rally Sport just snapped sideways violently.

Monza being the great driver that he is, made an incredible save pulling the reins and snapping it back in line before it can start sliding from one side to the other.

Check out this great race and even greater save in the video bellow and enjoy the show.

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