Swampthing New Power at Armageddon!!

Take a look at this, Swampthing New Power at Armageddon!!

Although it is hard to imagine, at one point the Swampthing was a legitimate grocery getter, and it left the showroom floor with the sole purpose of being a daily driver for a family which would occasionally need more space in the trunk.

Somewhere along the line however, everything changed and this 1967 Chevy Nova went thru a Hulk-like transformation and now it is a real monster from the swamp capable of incredible power and even more incredible runs.

This time it looks like it received even more power and they are just getting down to testing it all and letting it run loose at the track.

There is no doubt that this patina covered wagon is a beast but by the way it sidestepped on the launch it looks like the need a bit more work on it before it can make the best pas that it is capable of, so check it out and tell us what you think.

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