Crusty Nova Takes on 1700hp Viper, Twin Turbo Coyote, More!!!

Watch how this Crusty Nova takes on 1700hp Viper, Twin Turbo Coyote, More!

In case you’ve never heard of this beast, the Crusty Nova was built for Shane McClelland by the famous builders Car Craft, with a few simple requirements.

He basically asked them to build them a street/strip car which will be able to run 8.50s at the drag strip, but is still equipped with a working A/C and there should be not too much tubes in the interior because he wants to take the kids for a ride in the back seat, oh and one more thing, it should be able to take long journeys for example all the way from California from his home in the Midwest, without breaking down in the middle of the road.

The result? A 1,000 + automobile which as you are about to see is able to crush the opposition and show them that this sleeper is wide awake once it is on the drag strip.

Check out the video as this beast kills twin turbo Mustangs, Evo’s and GTR’s in a bunch of races!

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