15 Most Insane Wheels Up Launches, What’s Your Favorite?

These are 15 most insane wheels up launches caught on cam! 

After layers upon layers of rubber have been laid on the starting line tarmac, the grip keeps getting better and better, and with super soft warmed up racing slicks, there ii virtually enough grip to rotate the entire car without breaking traction, so with enough horsepower these monsters will pull an insane number of wheelies.

In order to help these machines win the fight with gravity and use the entire power and torque in order to propel the car forward, as we all know, wheelie bars are installed, on the drag cars.

Lucky for us, there are some classes which don’t allow wheelie bars, and we get to see incredible launches and some incredible footage of extreme machines flying down the track with their front wheels high in the air and the driver starring at nothing but the sky.

This time be bring you a compilation of 15 of them and we only as for one thing in return, to pick your favorite and tell us your choice in the comment section.

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