Insane Crashes, Wheelstand and Saves Compilation on Drag!

First of all, the most important thing about this video compilation is that no matter how bad it looked, all of the drivers you are about to see are OK, and that is the most important thing in drag racing, or for that matter any kind of motorsport.

Now we all know that motorsport can be dangerous and all of the drivers partake in it, well aware of the risks that they are putting themselves in doing what the love.

This is the best compilation of the most amazing action of last year, where you will see some amazing saves with lightning quick reactions, and precise driving skills.

Then there will be the not so lucky ones, where a wheelstand turns into a crash or a broken racing car, or a slide that is so fierce and fast, there is no time for the driver to react and the only place he can go is in the wall.

Check out the summary of the entire 2016 in the video bellow and tell us which was your favorite save in the comment section.

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